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Journey with us to health. At DR. EDEN HEALTHCARE SERVICES LLC, your well-being is our passion and priority.
Dr. Eden Taye

About Our Company

DR. EDEN HEALTHCARE SERVICES LLC serves patients aged 16 and up, offering all-inclusive psychiatric mental health for various health needs. Our team is led by Dr. Eden Taye, a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with nearly 20 years in the healthcare field. From teaching at Trinity and Adventist Universities to her current role supervising inpatient mental health care at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, Dr. Taye's diverse experience enhances her ability to help patients with psychiatric mental health issues and addictions. With her Doctor of Nurse Practice degree and specialty in psychiatric care, Dr. Taye brings depth and empathy to our mission of prioritizing your well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission is to holistically nurture your journey to optimum health. We're committed to offering personalized, comprehensive care, addressing both your physical and mental health needs. You're at the heart of all we do, and together we'll navigate the path to wellness.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the healthcare experience with a holistic, patient-focused approach. We strive to be a trusted partner in your health journey, ensuring your needs are understood and addressed. Through collaborative care, we envision fostering a healthier, happier community.

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